April 2020

Everything has changed and what we knew is no longer.

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has continued to support us. We feel as if we are just as busy as ever. Although our wholesale orders have decreased in quantity, our online orders have skyrocketed. So we have been working hard to bring you all the tasty coffee! We know that enjoying a good coffee can be part of a grounding routine and even be a therapeutic process. We are happy we can contribute to that (or so we hope).

To be honest, the two of us at Not Even had felt quite lucky to be in our position. Coffee falls under the category of food / manufacturing essential service so we have been able to stay open and running. By chance we nestled ourselves into quite a fortunate situation. For example, we share the roastery with another roaster, which reduces our overhead costs in a city where rent and cost of living is extremely high. We work in the space with just the two of us which reduces risk of exposure to COVID. We travel from our home to the roastery in our car, all with minimal (i.e. no) human interaction. All this time we felt more or less safe and stable in our own bubble of caution. It wasn’t until we started trying to restock items in the roastery that we realized that avoiding the far-ranging impacts of the pandemic would be impossible.

We recently discovered that due to the pandemic much of our supply has been and will continue to be disturbed. Actually, essentially all of our supply has been uprooted. Coffee imports, retail bag restock and even shipping materials have been delayed or completely halted. There is a lot of uncertainty and skepticism with regard to supply networks right now (in coffee and in many other realms) and there is not much we can do other than to figure it out as we go. We will just have to remember that in these uncertain times it is really important to be patient and considerate of each other. We’re all in this together.

Something you may notice in the coming weeks is a change to the look of our bags. Our supplier Dutch Coffee Pack has completely sold out of their white k-seal bags that we have been using since we started the company. They are expecting more to be available in May. So, for a brief period of time we will be switching over to a black 250g bag. It might not be our ideal, but we are going to make it work. Sometimes it’s important for us to take a step back and realize that these types of compromises are so minimal in the grand scheme of things. We are learning to be flexible and focus on positive things that really matter, like the coffee itself.

So we’re excited to say that we have a new *special release* coming out in the next week or two! We wanted to bring in something special and fun, as the much loved Sitio Cachoeirinha has just run out and we wanted to add another exciting and adventurous coffee to the menu. We have been speaking to Cole from Forward Coffee in Calgary over the last couple of months. He is sourcing some of the world’s best coffees (literally) and building lasting relationships with innovative coffee producers. We really appreciate his efforts in advancing specialty coffee in Canada and engaging community. We want to support that.

The coffee we purchased originates in Veracruz, Mexico and is produced by Samuel Ronzón. It is a natural experimentally processed, anaerobic coffee fermented for 192 hours in a GrainPro bag. It’s super sweet, complex, and just fascinating all around. We purchased 30kg of the entire year’s production yield of 52kg! After accounting for moisture loss and test batches we expect to have about 100 x 250g bags of coffee. We plan to note the bag number on each bag just for fun. It’s that special.

This is a coffee that you would normally only really see in competitions. While most specialty coffees we purchase cost between $6-10 USD/kg, this coffee cost $60 CAD/kg (green cost, before shipping). Because it is so wonderfully complex and delicious, and we want to make it as accessible as possible for people to try, so we are going to bring the price down to $32 CAD/ 250g. We think that is a great deal! The coffee will be available through our online shop in the next week or so. We will also be adding brewing equipment to the web shop for your convenience.

We aren’t totally sure what will happen in the coming weeks and months…but thanks for sticking with us.



Vik and Andrew



  • Love you guys and happy that everythings going well ! Looking forward for tasting some new coffees from you.
    Sending love from Berlin <3

  • So great to hear the updates and that thins are still happening. Looking forward to the upcoming roast.

    Kristie Willms
  • Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on what’s happening with “Not Even.” Please save Bag Number 12 for me.

    Regina Remisch
  • Really looking forward to a taste of the good stuff.


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