February 2020

February is an exciting month for us… THREE new coffees introduced to the menu! We have been working hard to get everything in order so we could release these coffees out into the world. 
Two of the new coffees on our menu are from Brazil. Brazilian coffees landed in North America in January, so they are very fresh! I think that often people have pre-conceptions about Brazilian coffees. Naturally processed coffees are quite divisive too! Some people love them, and some people steer clear of them altogether. You hear a lot of people in the coffee industry talking down on the natural process in general. However, I think it is important (as is the case with culinary or just about anything else in life) to always keep an open mind. The two Brazilian coffees we have on our menu really portray the breadth and possibility of what can be achieved within the umbrella of “Brazilian natural” coffee. They are both delicious but in very different ways.
Jaguara is a natural processed Brazilian yellow catuai, originating from Fazenda Jaguara. The farm is run by Natalia & André Luíz Garcia who are leveraging Andrés skillset as an agronomist, using soil and crop management techniques to improve the quality of their coffee crops. The coffee portrays a more traditional profile (some chocolate and nutty flavours that everyone loves) but what what makes it stand out is its ability to portray these deep and rich flavours while also being sweet and bright! The acidity really feels like pomelo and it is a coffee that will be quite a crowd pleaser.
On the other hand, Sitio Cachoeirinha, a Brazilan red catuai, is a wild one. The farm is located in the mountains of Mantiqueira. It stands out because it is extremely complex, sweet and clean. The kicker is that it is also a naturally processed coffee. When we were deciding on the tasting notes I had too many notes written down to fit on the bag. We get bubble gum, blueberry, raspberry, mango, and tropical fruit flavours. It also reminds me a lot of wine gums which I love. It is a fun and exciting coffee that I expect may shock some people, in a good way. We have a very limited amount of this coffee and are expecting it to sell out fast! We’re especially loving it when brewed with an immersion brewer like the Aeropress.
Moving away from Brazil, we purchased our first Tanzanian coffee and also released it in February. Sambewe is a group made up of a of 344 farmers who have collectively been operating a mill to process their coffee. We are featuring the ‘AB’ which a washed processed kent varietal. We find that this coffee has plenty of jammy and dark fruit flavours, some vanilla-like florality, and a black current aftertaste. A sparkling acidity is balanced by a heavy and molasses-like sweetness. For those who have not tried a lot of Tanzanian coffees, I think it will be a great introduction because it has a lot of similar characteristics to Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees, while staying quite unique in its own right.
We have had feedback from customers who have suggested that we should share more information about brewing our coffees. Instead of posting a brew recipe, we are thinking it would be fun to record a video and share it with our subscribers. We like to experiment with different brewing recipes so why not share it, right? More to come on that soon… 

Vik & Andrew

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