January 2020

First thing’s first…THANKS to everyone who has supported us in our first months in operation. Plus a special thank you to the cafes and their teams who have featured our coffee to date: Boxcar Social, Happy Coffee & Wine, Special Delivery, Show & Tell, Durand, Saint Cecelia, and Hamers Coffee! 
Where did the last 3 months go? I have to admit I still get really excited at all of the firsts we are experiencing. Selling out of our first coffee, first coffee order from the USA, first newsletter! Lots of firsts. Each day we have something to be excited about. 
For those of you who don’t know us, my name is Viktoria and I started Not Even Coffee Roasters with my partner Andrew. We are both from Toronto (contrary to some funny rumours that have been floating around that we are from Sweden) but were living in Berlin for the last few years before returning to Toronto to open this roastery. Andrew was working for Fjord Coffee Roasters in Berlin, which is where he got most of his experience in a roastery (shout out Fjord crew). We are roasting on a Diedrich IR-5. Actually, Andrew is roasting but I am learning to production roast with his help, and I have to say it is really exciting once you get past the initial fear of messing everything up! 
We sourced our first coffee orders from Nordic Approach because we were quite impressed with the quality of their coffees and their strong reputation in the coffee community. We are just finishing up some of the coffee that we had a limited quantity of and transitioning to the next ones. To be honest we were pretty sad when we roasted the last batch of Kenya Thiururi and sometime next week we have to go through that feeling all over again when we roast the last batch of Recolectores. But we are trying not to get too sentimental about them because coffee is seasonal and, in a way, it is pretty special that we only get to enjoy them for a finite period of time. Hopefully next year we can come back to them and see if they taste as we remembered them.

What’s next? Well, we have gotten feedback from some cafes that it would be beneficial to include a coffee on the menu with a slightly lower price point. Something that works well for espresso and a bit more approachable but still really good quality. We are looking at two coffees, one from Brazil and one from Tanzania for this! We are also bringing in is a veeerrryyy special Brazilian natural. As soon as I tasted this coffee, I knew we needed to buy it. It is definitely on the adventurous side and very complex. I’m not going to go into it too much yet, but I will say that I am really excited for these coffees! 


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